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Wireless Projection ShowMate (E-V03A/E-H03A)


Show Mate
Wireless projection

Wireless Projection

Using ShowMate, an image selected from different computers in the same Wi-Fi network can be wirelessly transmitted to a projector or a large-screen display.

Multi-user annotation

Multi-user Annotation

ShowMate enables "real-time add-on annotations" from all computers within a Wi-Fi network to a projecting image.This feature helps teachers to attract more participation on a topic.

"Choose-and-Pick" Images For Projection

With ShowMate, teachers can choose images from students' computers within the same Wi-Fi network, pick a particular one for projection,and later switch to another image from a different computer easily.
Save annotations automatically

Save Annotations Automatically

All annotations made in a class will be repeatedly saved automatically. It can be retrieved anytime for reviewing.
showMate Application Scenarios

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